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Award-Winning Newborn & Family Photographer

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved babies. As a little girl, every year for Christmas or birthdays all I wanted were baby dolls. I loved how I felt whenever I held a little baby and couldn’t wait to be a mom when I grew up. Now I have 4 little ones of my own (some not so little anymore) and my husband and these sweet kids of ours are the best parts of my life. I enjoy all parts of family photography but maternity, fresh 48 (hospital newborn) & newborn sessions are my absolute favorite. I love celebrating with families and documenting that incredible love and transformation that happens in their lives when each new baby is born. There’s nothing better in my book.

I have a licensed & insured business and am trained in newborn posing safety. I am always seeking out opportunities to further my photography education and training so that I can give my clients the best and safest experience possible…which is especially important to me for my tiniest, sleepiest, most favorite clients…your babies! I have 4 littles of my own, studied education and have worked in private, public and in-home settings for children with special needs.  Photography was never in my plan but I am so happy life surprised me and led me to this career. I love being outside, art, babies & supporting families. This business allows me to meet some pretty amazing people while combining all my favorite things.

McAllister Family
Photo Credit: Jessica Weinstock Photography

Why Newborn & Family Photography?

When I first started my photography journey I remember several photographer friends telling me how hard families are to photograph, especially families with young children. I tried it and was overwhelmed. Between kids losing attention and toddlers wanting to run wild, little noses dripping in the cold weather, dads begrudgingly cooperating, and moms desperately trying to keep everyone focused it’s easy to wonder why anyone would actually want to do family photography. It can be so stressful and hard…but that’s exactly why I now love it and feel so strongly about family sessions. Just like family photography, having a family – being in a family, raising a family – is hard. There are days when it is so, so hard. It’s full of wiping snotty noses and poopy little bums and moving from a sink full of dishes to baskets full of laundry. It’s staying up late to work, getting up with the baby at night and waking up early to get the lunches made and everyone out the door in one piece. But cushioning the stress and chaos are the sweetest and most joyful moments that make everything so very worth it. The sweet cuddles as you rock your newborn in the middle of the night, the sound of uncontrollable laughter as your toddler runs wildly through the house in his underwear, watching sword fights and baseball games in the backyard and falling asleep reading bedtime stories together. These are the moments I thrive on and ages I love to document for my clients.

Photo Credit: Jessica Weinstock Photography

I’m not going to promise you a stress-free portrait session (that depends a lot on the ages of your kids and personalities in your family :)) but I will promise that when you book me you get a photographer who genuinely loves, supports and celebrates families and who is right there in the parenting trenches with you. Not only do I have 4 kids and 5 siblings but I have years of experience working with children and teens with special needs and am committed to providing every family with beautiful portraits. During your portrait session I chase and tickle and hug your toddlers. I sing Paw Patrol and Wheels on the Bus. I talk to your kids and praise your teens. I have mom and dad kiss and pose for photos together because I want every child to have portraits of their parents together as a reminder of how much they are in love.

That’s a little bit about me. Now I’d love to hear about you! Send me an email at rachelmcallisterphotography@gmail.com and let’s start planning your dream session!

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